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October 2007

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Pictures of wood carvings added to my photos!

I took the time this morning to take pictures of a few of the carvings I have done lately, and they are posted here in my gallery. The majority of what I carve are caricature bolo ties. To the untrained eye the purpose or meaning behind these might be lost, but to most Boy Scouts and their leaders, these are a fun addition to their uniforms. In fact, I began carving them in order to offer them as awards and incentives for Cub Scouts in our local Pack and for those Boy Scout who earned their Eagle award. I actually learned to carve them from a friend of Bill Burch (the man that made these types of bolos famous among Boy Scout leaders). Now my little hobby has begun to take a lot more of my time than I had ever expected due to the large demand, but I do enjoy carving and painting them. For those of you who are woodcarvers, I should mention that I only use a congress style knife to do all of the carving.


Those are really awesome! You are going to have to start a business. ;)

A business. . .

A business would imply that it is work! Besides, they don't sell as good as one might think. I mostly give them away. I do sell a few to feed the habit, but those are few and far between!
I have been trying to figure out a few things about this blog thing that maybe you can help me with. I want to put a preview picture on the gallery for the wood carvings, but I can't find out how. I also want to know how you post pictures in your journal entries. Can you share the secrets with me?
I have my gallery set up a little different so I am not sure if it is the same, but there is a little scaple type eyedropper symbol that shows up in mine that means you can edit that gallery.
Also I think you can get into the edit mode from the main menu where it says my lj blah blah there is one that says photos and that should take you there too.
Sorry this is so long winded.
Umm..as far as getting the preview pic if you say you want to edit that gallery off to the side it should have a link that says change preview pic.
Does that help? If not I can change mine to the same style as yours and see if I can figure it out.
Maybe the symbol that means edit is a screwdriver? I am not sure.
It did help! I now have a preview pic for that gallery. Thank you!


Bill Birch

What a great man, He was my first boy scout leader back when he lived in spokane.He taught me(and alot of others)what a sharp knife really was and how to make really annoying whistles out of a new birch tree.