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October 2007

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What to do with my Live Journal account?!

I actually set up this account because I thought I needed it to talk to friends who have accounts here, but it turns out that it was unnecessary. In reality, I have not done a thing with this journal, but I finally found a use for it! I have been working a some woodcarvings lately that people have been asking to see, so I think I will post pictures here and send them this way when they ask! I suppose I will find other uses for it, but for now that should do. I will try and get some of the pictures posted in the next couple of days.


That's a good idea. It will be cool to see what you have been making.


Irish Name

Leon O'Connell...I could go by that! Deborah and I are going to set one of these blogs up sometime this month. It looks nice. You did a good job. Where does Laura put her interests?


Re: Irish Name

Laura hasn't really used it, but she can just add her interests in with mine if she wants. Ideally this site is set up for individuals, but we just have different user pics to determine who is posting. If you both want a page, it can be more personalized.



Hey... Great bolo-ties.

I also love to carve them. Friends of mine have been bringing home Bill Burch bolo-ties from Philmont for years.

I am in Phoenix AZ, where are you carving?

Check out my website.
http://members.cox.net/wlayton1/bolotie.htm No the scouter in the picture isn't me.


Re: bolo-ties

It is always nice to meet other people with similar interests. I live in Mesa, so I am not that far from you. Bill Burch bolos were what got me started, but as you can see I have since branched off and added my own style to them. In looking at your website, you have done variety of carvings. I have only recently branched out to do a few figurines. Once I get the pictures taken, they will be posted here as well.