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October 2007

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Barber Shave

Shaving. . .Pain or Pleasure?

What a tedious, sometime painful task shaving can be! Maybe that is why I have had facial hair so often, but I have found a different way of shaving that has changed my outlook on this morning ritual. The term that is used for this type of shaving is wet shaving, and it involves more than just the typical aerosol can and disposable razors! Now, my one of my favorite parts of the morning is shaving my face, and when I mention this to people who know me, they usually want to know what changed. I decided to post some of my findings here every now and then, but I need to start by giving all interested persons a link to the most informative location for wet shaving that I have found in my search for the ‘perfect shave.’


This guy has put together a very comprehensive explanation of the process and the tools (tools are alway fun!) necessary.

Women have so many ways of making themselves look good (make-up, hair, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc.), but guys really don't take much time to pamper themselves. This is one small way do something for yourself (guys) that will make you feel good about yourself. I will add that my wife loves how smooth my face is after I have shaved and how long is stays smooth (a definite bonus!).


Wet Shaving

As a matter of what I would consider a FAQ...how often should someone change the razor?

Re: Wet Shaving

I change mine every week. It might not be completely dull at that point, but it keeps me on a schedule so I don't forget. Saturday is when I take out the old blade and clean and oil my razor. That way on Sunday I get to start the day with a new blade and a clean razor! When you are ready to order more blades, let me know and I will go in with you on the cost (that way we can order the larger quantity and save money!).